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Hornbostel-Sachs System

5 Electrophones

51 Electro-acoustic Instruments and Devices

511 Electro-acoustic Idiophones
512 Electro-acoustic Membranophones
513 Electro-acoustic Chordophones
514 Electro-acoustic Aerophones
515 Transducers

52 Electromechanical Instruments and Devices

521 Tone Wheel Instruments
522 Photoelectric Electromechanical Instruments
523 Record/playback Devices
524 Electromechanical Samplers
525 Electromechanical Sound Processing Devices

53 Analogue Electronic Instruments, Modules, and Components

531 Analogue Synthesizers and Other Electronic Instruments with Thermionic Valve or Solid State Circuitry Generating and/or Processing Electric Sound Signals
531.1 Analogue Synthesizers with Electronic Valve-Based Devices

531.2 Analogue Synthesizers with Solid State Circuitry-Based Devices

532 Voltage Control Sources
532.1 Control Voltage Sequence Generators

532.2 Controllers and Interfaces

54 Digital Instruments, Modules, and Components

541 Digital Synthesizers
541.1 Digital Synthesizers Using Frequency Modulation Synthesis

541.2 Digital Synthesizers Using Additive Synthesis

541.3 Digital Synthesizers Using Phase Distortion Techniques

541.4 Digital Synthesizers Using Physical Modelling Techniques

542 Digital Control Sources and Interfaces
543 Digital Signal Mixing, Modifying, Reproducing, and Processing Devices
544 Digital Samplers and Sampling Synthesizers
545 Digital Record/Playback Devices
546 Other Digital Modules, Components, or Configurations
547 Digital Modules Communicating Between Devices/Signal Convertors

55 Hybrid Analogue/Digital Configurations

56 Software