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Hornbostel-Sachs System

2 Membranophones

21 Struck Membranophones

211 Directly Struck Membranophones
211.1 Kettle Drums

211.3 Frame Drums

212 Shaken Membranophones

22 Plucked Membranophones

23 Friction Membranophones

231 Friction Membranophones with Stick
231.1 Friction Membranophones in which the Stick is Inserted in a Hole in the Membrane

231.2 Friction Membranophones in which the Stick is Tied Upright to the Membrane

232 Friction Drum with Chord
232.1 Stationary Friction Drums with a Cord

232.2 Friction Drums with a Whirling Stick

233 Hand Friction Drums

24 Singing Membranes (Kazoos)

241 Free Kazoos
242 Tube or Vessel-Kazoos

25 Unclassified Membranophones