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CLASSIFICATION: aerophone, end-blown flute, vertical flute, wind instrument
Western Equivalentflute 

HISTORY: The xiao, also known as dong xiao, is made of bamboo and originated over 2000 years ago. It was some time during the Tang and Sung Dynasty when the vertically-played flutes were categorized as xiao and those horizontally-played flutes as dizi. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The xiao is often made from a nine-joint black bamboo  with six finger holes, five at the front and one at the rear, and other 2-4 air holes at the lower end. 

SOUND PROPERTIES: Its sound is gentle and sweet which makes it most suitable for playing lyrical melodies

RANGE: The xiao typically comes in one of two keys. In the key of G, the range is d1-e3. In the key of F, the range is c1-d3.



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