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Term applied to instruments that produce sounds from the material of the instrument itself without the assistance of reeds, strings, or other externally applied resonator. An idiophone produces sounds by one of the following methods:
Sound is produced by:
1. Concussion Idiophone striking together two objects capable of vibration claves, cymbals, etc
2. Percussion Idiophone striking the vibrating object with a mallet, hammer, stick or other non-vibrating object wood block, Bell, gong, etc.
3. Shaken Idiophone shaking the vibrating object maracas, pellet bells, etc.
4. Scraped Idiophone scraping the vibrating object with a stick or other non-vibrating object ratchet, güiro, washboard, etc.
5. Plucked Idiophone plucking a flexible tongue Jew's harp, thumb piano, music box, etc.
6. Friction Idiophone rubbing the vibrating object glass armonica, musical saw, etc.
7. Stamped Idiophone striking an object on a surface to vibrate the surface stamping pit, stamping board, etc.
8. Stamping Idiophone striking an object on the ground or hard surface to vibrate the object marching machine, etc.
See the list of idiophone instruments.


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