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The mark added to a note stem to indicate the beat division of that note. A flag added to any note will cut the duration of that note in half. For example, a quarter note with a flag added to it is one half the duration of the quarter note (e.g., eighth note). If adjacent pitches contain flags, they can be connected by beams for better legibility. One flag denotes an eighth note, two flags equal a sixteenth note, three flags equal a thirty-second note, four flags equal a sixty-fourth note, and five flags equal a one hundred and twenty-eighth note.
See more about notes in the Appendix. 


See Also

[English] tail
[French] crochet (m)
[German] Fahne (f)
[German] Fähnchen (n)
[German] Notenfahne (f)
[Italian] coda uncinata (f)
[Italian] bandiera (f)
[Italian] codetta (f)
[Spanish] corchete (m)


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