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funk music


A genre of popular music in America from the last half of the 20th century that combines elements of jazz, blues, rock, and soul. Attributes of this music include syncopated rhythms, a heavy, repetitive bass line, simple chord progressions, and simple musical form. Meant to be dance music, the repetitive nature is excessive by design with an emphasis on the bass line. The slap bass style and false notes became a distinctive elements of the funk music bass line to strengthen percussive elements. The instrumentation typically includes bass guitar, two electric guitars (one rhythm guitar and one lead guitar), electric piano (synthesizer), and drum kit often with a horn section. The horn section typically plays brief melodic figures (riffs) that are repeated. Today, the horn sections are often replaced by the synthesizer
Funk music had its roots as far back as the 1930's where the term had sexual connotations and was associated with a slow, mellow groove. Later, funk music became associated with a hard-driving, persistent rhythms. By the 1970's, funk music became the predominant music of black America and was influential in the development of disco music and hip-hop. James Brown, known as the "Godfather of Soul," was one of the innovators that led to the creation of this sound.


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