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[Italian, small or little]

1. A small flute that sounds an octave above the regular flute and an octave above its written music. The piccolo today is commonly pitched in "C" but the D flat  piccolo was common through the 1950's. The written range of the  C piccolo is D4 to C7.
2. A name for an instrument of particularly high range, such as the piccolo trumpet.
3. An Italian term for  little or small.
See also [Eng.] little[Eng.] small[Fr.] peu[Fr.] petit[Ger.] wenig[Ger.] klein[It.] poco[It.] scarso.


Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for Piccolo in C major, I

See Also

[Abbreviation] Pic.
[Abbreviation] Picc.
[French] petite flûte (f)
[French] flûte piccolo (f)
[German] kleine Flöte (f)
[German] Pikkoloflöte (f)
[German] Pickelflöte (f)
[German] Pikkolo (n)
[German] Oktavflöte (f)
[Italian] ottavino (m)
[Italian] flauto piccolo (m)
[Italian] flautín (m)


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