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[French, whole rest - German, pause - Italian, pause]

  1. A general category of performance marks that includes the fermata (or hold), the general pause (from the German grosse Pause), the long pause (from the Italian lunga pausa), the breath mark, and the caesura (or railroad tracks).

  2. rest or fermata.

    Also [Eng.] hold or [Eng.] bird's eye; [Fr.] pauses or [Fr.] point d'orgue; [Ger.] Fermate; [It.] fermata or [It.] pause or [It.] corona; [Sp.] fermata or [Sp.] calderón or [Sp.] corona.

  3. An Italian term for caesura.

    Also [Eng.] caesura; [Eng.] railroad tracks; [Fr.] césure or pauses; [Ger.] Cäsur or Zäsur; [It.] pause or cesura; [Sp.] cesura.

  4. [Ger.]breath mark symbol in the composition (notated by an apostrophe above the staff) to indicate a break in the musical line to allow the performer to breathe.

    Also [Eng.] breath mark; [Fr.] pauses; [Ger.] Luftpause or Luftpausen; [It.] pause.

  5. [Fr.]The French term for whole rest (see image below).

    See more about notes and rests in the Appendix.
See more about pause markings in the Appendix.


See Also

[British] semibreve rest
[English] whole rest
[German] Ganze Pause (f)
[Italian] pausa di semibreve (f)
[Spanish] pausas de redonda (f)
[Spanish] silencio de redonda (f)


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