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A derivation of rock music that incorporates elements of rockabilly, punk rock and other genres. The typical band is three musicians using typical rock instruments of electric guitar, drum kit and bass, however, the double bass is preferred over the electric bass of the rock bands. The lyrics are often written for their shock value and can be violent or sexual in nature, but are often presented in a way that is funny, satirical, or irreverent. Part of the psychobilly culture is having fun.
The term "psychobilly" was first used in 1976 when the country song, "One Piece at a Time" described in the construction of a "psychobilly Cadillac". The term was subsequently applied to the emerging genre of music that was starting in Europe in the early 1980s. The London-based band, The Meteors, are considered the first band in the psychobilly genre, and The Reverend Horton Heat band from Dallas, Texas brought popularity to the genre in the United States almost ten years later with the release of their 1990 single "Psychobilly Freakout".


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