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double bass

DUH-bul base


The bass member of the violin family. The double bass differs from the rest of the instruments in its family in that it is a descendant of the viola da gamba family  rather than of the viola da braccio. It has sloping shoulders and four strings, and has a range from C below the bass clef (C2) to B flat in the treble clef (B♭4), and, through the use of harmonics, is even able to reach the G above that (G5). The bow of this instrument is comparatively short, and the strings are rather thick, producing a rich, deep sound. This instrument is also called contrabass, bass viol, string bassupright bassacoustic bass, and bull fiddle.


See Also

[English] contrabass
[English] bass viol
[French] contrebasse (f)
[French] violon
[German] Kontrabass (m)
[Italian] contrabasso (m)


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