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double stroke open roll rudiments


Drum rudiments that are in the sub-category of roll rudiments and provide rudimental drummers with the technique to perform double stroke open roll rhythms required by many compositions. The double stroke open roll rudiments are characterized by patterns of alternating double strokes (or two strokes with the right hand followed by two strokes with the left hand) to produce the roll effect.
Double Stroke Open Roll Rudiments include:
  1.  Double Stroke Open Roll
  2.  Five Stroke Roll
  3.  Six Stroke Roll
  4.  Seven Stroke Roll
  5.  Nine Stroke Roll
  6.  Ten Stroke Roll
  7.  Eleven Stroke Roll
  8. Thirteen Stroke Roll
  9.  Fifteen Stroke Roll
10.  Seventeen Stroke Roll
See double stroke open roll rudiment examples in the Appendix.


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