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1. A round mute used with brass instruments that is held in front of the bell of the instrument to dampen (muffle) the sound. The plunger is often moved back and forth, by the direction of the composition, in front of the bell to provide a range of sounds. This is a common effect in jazz and swing compositions. The notation for a plunger effect is shown by a plus (+) sign over the note to direct the performer to hold the plunger over the bell to dampen the sound and a (o) over the note where the plunger is to be removed from in front of the bell. The common plunger used is most often a standard rubber plunger (plumber's helper) from a hardware store (with the wooden handle removed).
2. The device used in a slide whistle to block the airflow in the slide allowing for the lengthening and shortening of the slide tubing.



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