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A wind instrument of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Baroque eras. The recorder is a simple instrument related to the flute; it is sounded by blowing into one end and the pitch is adjusted by covering finger holes. This instrument does not have a reed but is voiced simply by forcing air through a whistle mouthpiece as a duct flute. The Renaissance recorder differed from that of the Baroque in that the Renaissance recorder had a more cylindrical bore, while the Baroque recorder had a more conical bore. During the Baroque era, this instrument began to be overshadowed by the transverse flute.

See Also

[Abbreviation] rec.
[French] flûte à bec (f)
[French] flûte douce (f)
[French] flûte droite (f)
[German] Beckflöte (f)
[German] Blockflöte (f)
[German] Schnabelflöte (m)
[Italian] flauto dolce (m)
[Italian] flauto diritto (m)
[Italian] flauto a becco (m)
[Spanish] flauta de pico (f)
[Spanish] flauta recta (f)
[Spanish] flauta dulce (f)


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