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Rossini crescendo


A musical device that was used extensively in operas by Gioacchino Rossini. Typically used to end the overture and the first act of his operas,  while providing an excitement that would intice the audience to look forward to what was to come. The first use of the Rossini crescendo (or Rossini Rocket) was in his opera La Pietra del Paragone composed in 1812. 
The Rossini crescendo (or Rossini Rocket) was actually several musical devices used together to create a natural crescendo in the music. However, the crescendo is not simply an increased volume of sound, but rather a fairly complex combination of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic devices mixed with a smart use of register dynamics and skillful instrumentation. These are precisely controlled to produce a slowly building intensity or musical frenzy. The characteristics of the Rossini crescendo (or Rossini Rocket) included the following: 


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