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musical glasses

MYOO-zi-kul GLAS-sez


A generic term for any group of glasses used to create music by filling them with different levels of liquid to create unique pitches. This can be constructed with glasses found in most homes or with specially made glasses for a more formal instrument. There are several versions of this instrument such as the glass armonica (glass harmonica) or glass harp. Although musical glasses can be created with similar sized glasses with different levels of liquid to attain the specific pitches, the glass armonica uses different sized glasses rotating in a tray of water. In all cases they are sounded by rubbing the rim or by lightly striking them. Ben Franklin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart both wrote compositions for this instrument.

See Also

[English] glass armonica
[English] glass harmonica
[French] harmonica de verre (f)
[German] Glasharmonika (f)
[Italian] armonica (f)
[Italian] armonica a vetro (f)


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