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marching band

MAR-cheeng band


A group of musicians, generally associated with a high school, college, or other organization who perform musical arrangements while marching. Usually marching bands perform at parades or athletic events, and wear the colors of their organization or school. Precision marching and show formations are the typical function of the marching band at outdoor athletic events. Typically a Drum Major is the cemonial leader of the marching band and directs group in their marching and music.

In addition to the musicians in a marching band, other marching units can be employed to enhance the visual aspect of the performance. These units may include Flag Corps, Rifle Corps, and Baton Twirlers.

Modern Marching Band Instrumentation

* This is an instrument not always found in a typical marching band. Occasionally parts are written for these instruments and the large amateur or professional marching band will try to be faithful to the composer's wishes.


John Philip Sousa: "The Stars and Stripes Forever"


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