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music editor


The term music editor has several meanings and the definition depends on the context in which it is used. Here are the most common usages: 
1. Music editor (Publishing) 
A person who makes changes in a composer's work to clarify the composer's intent. This is typically done in the process of converting handwritten notation to a printed edition. Before the late 20th century, music was composed starting with handwritten manuscripts. In order to make compositions available to the public, the handwritten manuscripts had to be prepared for printing. In this process, music editors would impose notational conventions of the time and in many cases provide additional changes to make the composition easier to read or clarify the composer's intent. The main goal was to interpret the composer's score and provide the most accurate notation for the performers to read and realize the composer's original intent. Much of the editing will focus on the expression marks, articulation and the overall visual look of the composition to ensure proper performance.
See also historical edition, edition 
2. Music editor (Recording) 
A person who creates a recording of one coherent performance from parts of several unique recorded performancesof a composition. This person's job is to join together the best segments of several takes to create a coherent recorded performance. Prior to the 20th century, recordings were rare and editing was not possible with most recording methods. This changed into the 20th century and audio tape recordings made editing possible. By the end of the 20th century, digital recording techniques revolutionized the process and allowed a high degree of precision and creativity that was once impossible. 
3. Music editor (Film) 
A person who works with film directors and film composers to make sure that the film composer knows the director's vision for any original music and identifies and obtains any existing music necessary for the soundtrack. This person also works directly with the sound engineers and recording engineers to edit and create the musical portion of the film's soundtrack. 
4. Music editor (Video) 
A person who works with a video director to create a music video by putting video clips together in synch with the desired popular song
5. Music editor (Review) 
A person who provides critical observations and opinions on local music performances. Local media organizations (television, radio, newspapers, etc.) often have a music editor on staff to provide reviews for a range of music events, including opera, musical theater, classical music, jazz, and local bands.


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