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baritone clef


1. A old version of the F clef that locates f (below middle C) on the third line
Also [Eng.] F clef[Fr.] clef de fa (f); [Ger.] F-Schlüssel  (m); [It.] chiave di basso  (f); [Sp.] clave de fa (f).
2. There is also a rarely used baritone clef in the C clef. This clef puts middle C on the top line of the staff. This creates the same placement of notes as the baritone clef in the F clef. So both baritone clefs are essentially the same notation using different clefs.



See Also

[French] clé d'ut cinquième ligne (f)
[French] clef d'ut cinquième ligne (f)
[French] clef d'ut 5e (f)
[French] clé d'ut 5e (f)
[German] Baritonschlüssel
[Italian] chiave di baritono (f)
[Spanish] clave de do en quinta (f)


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