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[English, from Latin meaning key]

A symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to denote which notes are indicated by the lines and spaces. The most common clefs are: 
  1. The bass, or F clef, which is indicated by a stylized F, and encompasses the tones of G to A sharp;
  2. The treble, or G clef, indicated by a stylized G, and encompassing the tones of e1 to F sharp2; 
  3. The movable, or C clef, indicated by a symbol which points to any of the five lines of the staff, indicating that that line is the pitch middle C or c1;
  4. The neutral clef or indefinite pitch clef, which is used for percussion instruments with no specific pitch.

See Also

[French] clé (f)
[German] Schlüssel (m)
[Italian] chiave (f)
[Spanish] clave (f)


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