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KAY- dints


1. A stylized close in music which divides the music into periods or brings it to a full conclusion. They include:
authentic cadence (also perfect authentic cadencefinal cadencefull cadencefull close cadence)
• plagal cadence (also amen cadencechurch cadence)
• deceptive cadence (also interrupted cadence)
• half cadence (also half close cadenceimperfect cadence)
• phrygian cadence.
Also [English] cadence[German] Kadenz (f); [German] Schluss (f); [Italian] cadenza (f); [Spanish] cadencia (f).
2. A 17th and 18th century French term for a shake or trill
3. Generally, the beat of any rhythmic activity. In marching, a cadence is used to keep a marching unit synchronized and stepping on the same foot. The cadence can be performed through verbal commands with non-musical military units and typically include a call and response form of song or, with musical units, through a drum cadence. Some marching bands and other marching units such as a Drum and Bugle Corps typically employ very complex drum cadences with choreographed movements. 

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