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big band


An ensemble of musicians that specialize in jazz music of the "Swing Era" of the 1930's and 1940's. After World War II (1945), the popularity of swing dancing subsided shifting the focus from dances to concerts. The size and instrumentation of the ensemble can range from a small group of about twelve performers to an entire big band or jazz orchestra with twenty or more. Vocalists are often part of the big band.
The Modern Big Band Instrumentation
2 - Alto Saxophones
2 - Tenor Saxophones
1 - Baritone Saxophone
5 - Trumpets
5 - Trombones
1 - Electric Guitar
1 - Piano
1 - String Bass
1 - Drum Kit
Flute *
B-flat Clarinet *
Bass Clarinet *
Soprano Saxophone *
Bass Saxophone *
Horns *
Tuba *
Vibraphone *
Marimba *
Untuned Percussion *
* This is an instrument not always found in a typical big band. Occasionally parts are written for these instruments and the large amateur or professional band will try to be faithful to the composer's wishes.


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