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To perform supporting background music for a composition with an instrumental solo or for a composition with an ensemble. This typically means that there is a principal part in the composition that is the focus of the melodic interest and the secondary harmonic and rhythmic background accompany this solo part. Similarly, this can also refer to an ensemble, such as a chorus, where the voices sing the melody and harmony and are supported with rhythmic and harmonic textures. The most common way to accompanysolo instrument or ensemble is with some type of chordophone, however, small or large ensembles (to include symphony orchestras) can also provide this musical support. The most common chordophone used to accompanysolo instrument or ensemble is the piano, however, other keyboard instruments such as organ or harpsichord are common as well as guitar.
The abbreviation for accompany and accompaniment is acc.

See Also

[Abbreviation] acc.
[English] accompaniment


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