auxiliary percussion

A common sub-classification of percussion instruments that is comprised of "toys" or special sound effects. Some of these instruments are tuned (able to produce a specific pitch) and others are untuned (unable to produce a specific pitch), but all of them are notated without specific pitches. Their main function is to provide a sound that is either comical or meant to simulate a known sound.

Auxiliary percussion instruments include:
Free Aerophones
- acme siren (police siren)

Edge-blown Aerophones
- bird whistle
- boat whistle
- train whistle

Concussion Idiophones
- finger cymbals
- slapstick
- marching machine

Friction Idiophones
- wind machine

Percussion Idiophones
- Flex-a-tone
- temple blocks
- triangle
- wood block

Plucked Idiophones
- jew's harp

Scraped Idiophones
- ratchet
- sandpaper blocks

Shaken Idiophones
- rattle
- sleigh bells
- tambourine
- thunder machine
- vibra-slap


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