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A generic term for many scraped idiophones that typically use a stick or some other object to scrape the ridged body of the instrument. Some scrapers are "scraped vessels", such as the güiro, which feature a chamber below the ridges to provide resonance for the sound vibrations. Sandpaper blocks are scraped together to create sound as opposed to scraping of ridges used in other scrapers. Ratchets (or cog rattles), known as "scraped wheels", have tongues (often made of wood) that vibrate as they are scraped over a ridged wheel. Other scrapers, such as the cabaçascrape metal beads across the ridged metal wheel.  Scrapers have been used by civilizations around the world for hundreds of years.

Scraper can also refer to the stick or other item used to scrape the instrument.

Examples of scrapers include:


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