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A series of notes in ascending or descending order that presents the pitches of a key or mode, beginning and ending on the tonic of that key or mode. The degrees of a scale have specific names shown below and each of the unique 12 notes of the chromatic scale can be the tonic note of a scale
Degrees of a Scale 
1 - tonic 
2 - supertonic 
3 - mediant 
4 - subdominant 
5 - dominant 
6 - Submediant - superdominant
7 - Leading Note - Subtonic
See more about modern scale construction in the Appendix.
See more about major scales in the Appendix.
See more about minor scales in the Appendix.

See Also

[French] gamme (f)
[German] Tonleiter (f)
[Italian] scala (f)


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