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  1. A diagonal line (or lines) through the stem of a  note or either above or below a  note to indicate a subdivision of that  note with additional  attacks.  Typically, one slash indicates two notes should be  performed in the place of the original  note, two slashes would indicate four notes, etc. For example, a quarter note with one slash would be performed as two eighth notes, a quarter note with two slashes would be performed as four sixteenth notes, etc. Occasionally, there will be dots added over the note as well to indicate the number of notes to be performed. Where a triplet is required, one slash on a  quarter note with a "3" above the note would indicate a eighth note triplet.

  2. In jazz notation, a single diagonal  line in a measure indicating that the chord shown above the measure is to be performed in a rhythm pattern in the style of the genre of music being performed. This would normally be a chord on every beat of the composition or one chord performed with each slash.


Subdivided Slash Rhythms

Jazz Slash Notation


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